Doom 4 2016 Walkthrough Part 7 – Making Progress

We’re getting deeper into this game and I sense progress is getting made regarding actually completing the game. Everything is starting to move at a faster pace and there is some climbing involved in this part of the walkthrough. Just as I was going to go into the lift near the end of the video, a nice meelee ensued so some action pretty much all the way through this video.

Doom 4 2016 Walkthrough Guide Part 6 – It’s Getting Real !

Love this game, as I mentioned before the original version of the game was released the year I was born and so I decided to play the original for a little while. When we come up to this latest version, obviously the graphics are a mile ahead but intersting enough, the game somehow retains the feel of the original, that’s very rare nowadays when graphics can be used to compensate for the lack of gameplay in some titles.

Moving on this game has a great feel to it and what’s better than playing an enjoyable game for hours on end, well I can think of something but this is a gaming channel. Any please enjoy part 6 of my walkthrough and thank for watching my videos.


Doom 4 Walkthrough Part 5 – Still Lovin’ it

Now we’re starting to get right into the action, I guess I won’t be sleeping much tonight but nevermind it’s worth missing out on some sleep. If you’re enjoying my videos please leave a comment, I’ll start posting my uncharted 4 walkthrough videos tomorrow in the meantime please enjoy 5 of the Doom 4 walkthrough series. Part 4 is right here